To Drive Or Not To Drive?

automotive drivingIt’s great to be able to move from one place to another with ease because of the amazing technology that we now have. There are so many options that we can choose from when it comes to transportation, and every day we benefit from them. Going to work, going to school, going out of town, going anywhere – it’s a requirement to have a car or bus or cab to travel by.

Autopartes en Los Reyes, Coyoacan, Ciudad de Mexico, Distrito Federal But as with all things great and small, there are pros and cons to these four-wheeled vehicles that are ever so reliable for transportation. Despite the great advantage that people gain by using these automobiles, there is one being that gets all the disadvantages from it: Mother Nature.

Changing natural habitat into commercial areas and roads to reduce traffic, pollution from all types of vehicles that run on gas, increased greenhouse gases from the smog that these vehicles emit, and many more forms of destruction are all on Mother Nature’s side of the world. Good thing people are now realizing this and, at least, in some ways or another, someone’s trying to correct it. The invention of newer automobiles like solar-powered cars, rechargeable vehicles, and cars that run on water instead of gas is a great leap forward for the entire humanity.
The only thing missing now is how to change all the automobiles in the world into these more environment-friendly vehicles. It might take years, centuries even, for people to do that. I only hope Mother Nature is still alive when that happens.