Health Is Wealth – Cliche But True!

health is wealthWe have all heard of the saying “Health is Wealth”, and although we all know it’s a completely overused statement, many people still don’t get it. The fact is, the phrase isn’t an idiom or anything that connotes something else than its original meaning. In truth, health really is wealth. As a matter of fact, health is the only wealth that we have.

Fabricantes de Butacas en San Rafael Chamapa, Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico Although we can call our personal belongings as our own, as our wealth, in a glimpse all of them could be gone and we won’t be able to call them ours then. If your purse gets stolen, it becomes the robber’s property already. But health, it’s different. It’s ours. No one can take our health and life away but God, and if another person tried to take it from us, then he would be committing a crime.

That’s every reason why we have to take care of our health. It’s the only thing in the world that we can actually hold onto when everything else is falling apart. All our possessions can disappear, but our health will always remain. Our body is the most valuable possession that we can ever have, and it is only right to take good care of it and treat it right. Otherwise, it is also we who will suffer the consequences.

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